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The instructions are provided in the files below. Please press to open file and understand how to do this is my short essay block so far,
” There was a girl who was about 16 years old. The girl’s mother usually creates a list of groceries at the beginning of the week for the girl to take to the supermarket with her because the mother works full time and there are 5 kids at home including her. The older girls father and mother are divorced, which makes her responsible for all her siblings when the mom isn’t home. The girl realizes that there is a huge storm outside when she opens the door and didn’t expect her mom to send her out. The mom was unable to be reached, and the young girl began to panic. She began to wear clothing suitable for the weather, and start walking towards the market. The next older sibling who was 15 was in charge of the other kids at home. The girl starts running, but all of a sudden trips over a couple of branches and falls. However, nothing could stop her as she got right back up and continued. She thought to herself, her mother is counting on her. She gets to the market but realizes they are closed due to the heavy storm. The girl started to panic and make a phone call to the mother, but there was no answer. The girls phone dies, and now she is completely nervous and worried. An older lady approaches her with a car, the only car on an empty road at the moment and asks her whats wrong. The girl started to cry and explain the situation. The older lady did not live too far from her and offered to take her to the next available open market. The girl accepted, and made it to the market. The older lady also offered to pay for all the groceries, and drove her home. There was signal out due to the power lines being out, the mom opened the door and the girl ran with all the groceries. The mother was worried sick while she was gone and didn’t realize there would be such a heavy storm. The girl was so brave and even though she got hurt, she made it to the supermarket and back in order for her family to have food on the table for the next couple of days. ” use this to turn it into a writing with the instructions below.
We should have then given this short story sociological depth by writing in the social setting and the relevant categories (race, gender, social class) of the characters as they interact. You do not have to change your story. Rather, bring it to sociological life by telling us the social categories of those who interact, and the conflict and solidarities that it evokes.
make sure spelling is good, and now run on sentences. Also make sure you read the directions as followed below to complete a good piece of writing. Do not use the words this, that, or start your sentences with and then.


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