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The Assignment is to epitomize the defining identity /character and artifacts of each of the Six Eras/Segments of our course:Art of the Stone ages – Ancient Mesopotamia – Ancient Egypt – Ancient Greece – The Roman Era – Art of the Middle Ages.
Your job here in the Final is to consider the artistic/historic presence of each Era, and then to summarize that segment with a brief and descriptive elaboration that epitomizes the identity of the era. You will then single out a work of art that best supports your general idea, and briefly explain why.Format: An opening prologue. Six distinct sections, extra spacing between each section for composition clarity, titled with associated years, descriptive body. Closing consideration.Underlying theme: What is the essential character and artifact of each era? Amongst the art that your reference in each segment, you will anoint one as the most important for that era. The artifact that you choose to present as visually defining each era should effectively support your brief and dynamic description of that era’s identity. In your closing consideration, you will also identify the One to Rule Them All, the single most important example, in your opinion, in our particular study of historic art.
Pay Close Attention-Your presentation should look like this:An opening statement that gives a general impression of your approach to the assignment. Then, six clearly defined Era sections, titled, with associated years, compositionally spaced (extra spacing between each section). Begin each Era/section with a brief but descriptive elaboration that epitomizes your understanding of that era, including assorted examples of art and other aspects as needed. Follow with your chosen artifact that you believe best exemplifies the character of the era, presented with accurate identification. Accompany that with a concise (brief and precise) description of why that artifact succeeds in defining its era. Produce original narrative for this project, do not copy your previous segment reviews.
Finish with a closing paragraph where you identify what you believe to be the single most essential artifact of this course overall and why you believe it to be so.


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