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9254Group learning and cooperative learning helps students not only grow, become independent but they actually learn much more from one another than they would from anyone else. Often times we find, that peers have a tendency of explaining things to their student friends much better and simpler than a teacher ever would. In upper elementary fourth and fifth grade classes in order to encourage and promote student motivation and engagement, the educator must provide support while academically challenging students. In 400-500 words discuss the importance of strategies to provide support for academically, behaviorally, and socially diverse students. How to apply them in your classroom. Be specific in naming strategies you will apply in the classroom. Use strategies from the following resources:
1) Read “Generation Z, Meet Cooperative Learning,” by Igel and Urquhart, from Middle School Journal (2012).
2) Read “G-R-O-U-P W-O-R-K Doesn’t Spell Collaboration,” by Quinn, from Phi Delta Kappan (2013).
3) Read “Cooperative Learning Tips and Techniques,” by Cox, located on the ThoughtCo website.

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