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In your assignment, answer these questions. Cite, apply, and reference the text and connect it to the film. Do not use Wikipedia as a source.1. Looking specifically at the issues presented in chapter 14, which one do you consider most pressing now? Choose only from the areas presented in the text. Explain why you think this is the most urgent and cite the text and two outside sources (articles/website) that you use to support your answer. Cite and apply all three using APA style in your responses.2. Discuss the status of the world’s water supply based on the film. What is absolute dominion? What percentage of the water in the world is drinkable? How should water “rights” be allocated? Who does water belong to? Be specific to the film and cite/apply the text in your responses.
3. The film explores issues associated with the chemicals in plastic. Discuss these chemicals (BPA, PET) and their impact on individuals, families, and communities. Why do people work and live in areas where they are exposed to toxins? What are the responsibilities of companies to protect the health of people? What is the role of the EPA? Be specific to the film. Cite/apply the text.4. How is bottle water regulated? Discuss the role of the FDA, public water authorities, and labs? How much do people spend for bottled water vs. tap? Which is better regulated? How does water in the US compare to the rest of the world (e.g. quality, quantity, access). Be specific to the film and cite/apply the text.
5. What is the role of big businesses (e.g. Pepsi and Coke)? How do they market? How was bottled water “sold” to the public? Should companies be allowed to “sell” water? Water is a non-renewable resource–how do these companies approach their corporate responsibility to protecting this resource? Cite/apply the text and be specific to the film.
6. Explain the Eastern Garbage patch and the impact of plastic bottles on the environment? Discuss the long term impact on the ecosystems of the ocean and the rest of the environment? Be specific to the film and cite/apply the text.


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