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This is what my professor sent : A strong essay should have an argument-driven thesis; a well-wrought structure designed to support your thesis; thoughtful, nuanced close-readings of the text(s) being analyzed that incorporate evidence directly from the text(s); and elegant, clear prose. Your analysis should demonstrate depth of thought and understanding of formal and cultural context. The analysis should be compellingly framed by an introduction and conclusion, and it should be free of syntactical, typographic, and mechanical errorsAnd these are some of the prompts that I can write about:At the end of the novel, what do we gain from learning the identity of the narrator? How does this revelation change or affect our understanding of the narrative?What do you make of the masculine ethos of the novel, and it’s absent or marginalized women?At least for me, there was a sense of “timelessness” of the narrative. How did the writer achieve this? What effect does it have on our experience of the novel?


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