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The Professional Experience assignments in this course are  designed to help prepare you for communicating in a professional work  setting. When you are writing in the workplace, it is essential to:

Follow any specific directions you receive.
Consider who it is you are communicating with.
Consider what your overall purpose in communication is.

To earn full credit, make sure you complete all assignment  requirements and follow the instructions exactly as written. See the  scoring guide rubric for specific grading criteria.
If you submit your Professional Experience assignment before the  due date and you are not satisfied with your grade, you may resubmit one  time for an opportunity for full credit points. Check with your  professor for the resubmission deadline.
Last week, you created a PowerPoint presentation;  For this  week’s Professional Experience, you will create a narration outline for your final recorded presentation. You may use the narration outline  template provided or create your own.

Download and review the Narration Outline Template [DOCX].
Save the outline template to your desktop using the following file name format:        

LastName_PE4_[FILE TYPE].[file extension]          

Example file name: Smith_PE4_DOC.docx

Review the outline guidelines that you will use to create an outline.
Use the template provided to develop your narration outline.


Include these key elements:        

Slide number.
Slide title.
Slide content.

You may use the provided Narration Outline Template [DOCX] or create a similar template in another software.

Write short bullet points, not long paragraphs, in the Narration column of the Narration Outline Template.
Focus only on the key points presented on the slides of your presentation.
Remember that the content should focus on how social media can  be leveraged to help an organization improve in areas such as sales,  performance, culture, and positive image.
Save all the changes you made to your Presentation Narration  Outline with the file name of LastName_PE4_ [FILE TYPE].[file extension]  and submit the file to this Professional Experience: Presentation  Narration Outline assignment by the deadline.


Presentation by “Student Name”

Slide Number

Slide Title

Slide Text


Page 1

Title: How Social Media Can Help An Organization Improve Performance.
Name: Marquette Harris
Course: Professional Communication
Date : 11/06/2021

Agenda: ways that social media enhance organization performance:
Employee recruitment
Market research
Marketing campaign
Gives the organization competitive advantage (Style,2017)
Public relation
Customer relationship management
Sales campaign
Customer retention


•Social media advancement has been observed over the years, and currently, it is widely used by organizations to enhance their performance.
•Social media can build networks of contacts and share different content, which enhances the organization’s performance.
•Social media platforms highly support the organization’s performance in different fields like marketing which maximizes profits.

Types of social media sites

1.Employee recruitment

•Social media enhances performance by enabling employee recruitment.
•Companies use social media platforms like Facebook to publish jobs with well-stated qualifications.
•Candidates apply for their jobs online, and social media also completes an application background check.
• Organizations can also use social media comments to gauge the performance of their recruiting efforts.

Example of how social media enhances employee recruitment

2. Market research

•Most organizations use social media to learn more about consumers’ lifestyles which they use to enhance their overall performances.
• Using social media trends to gain a competitive advantage. A corporation might establish a target market approach that relies on its results and develop a marketing plan.

3.Sales campaign

Companies increase their performance through sales campaigns.
A sales campaign is done by allowing customers to post product ratings on social media.
High product rating increases sales by persuading other buyers to purchase the products.

Example of sales campaign one social media

4. Public relation

•A corporation can distribute corporate news to a targeted audience using Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites.
•For example, investor relations can use social media platforms to engage a specific audience while limiting the negative consequences of poor news that can easily “go viral” on the Internet(Parveen et al, 2015).
•Therefore, public relations highly enhances organizational performances.

Impact of social media in public relation

Social media is a great influence on organizational performances.
Not only in consumer relations but also in sales, marketing and cost control.
During this era most of the organizations are using social media which have highly maximized their profit and lowered cost.
Therefor lot of business rely on social media to bust their performances.

Work cited
Style, L. & S. (2017, May 1). 10 ways to use social media to improve business performance. Lake & Sumter STYLE. Retrieved November 5, 2021, from
Parveen, F., Jaafar, N. I., & Ainin, S. (2015). Social media usage and organizational performance: Reflections of Malaysian social media managers. Telematics and informatics, 32(1), 67-78.

The assignment  
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