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Instructions: Make sure to answer all parts of each question (33 points total). Your response should be based on evidence and findings from the lectures and readings. There is no page limit but it should be at least 3-4 pages in length, double spaced (times new roman, 12pt font, 1 inch margins). You don’t have to include a cover page or abstract, but in-text citations and reference page(s) at the end are required. References do not count toward the page length. Your paper is DUE by November 26th (Midnight; 11:59PM) Please submit your paper on Canvas via Turnitin and please indicate your name (either first or last name) in the title!Paper Topic: The Role of Race/Ethnicity in American CorrectionsWe spent several classes talking about the impact of race/ethnicity and class in the corrections system. As we have covered in class, after experiencing a dramatic increase in the total correctional population in the 1980s, the American Correctional System has been experiencing a variety of problems, one of which is racial disparity in the system.As a criminal justice expert, in this report on the role of race/ethnicity in American Corrections, you have been asked to prepare a brief statement regarding the relationship between race/ethnicity and corrections. The purpose of your report is to help inform the general public about the relationship between one’s race and American corrections, as well as to provide policy recommendations/strategies. Specifically,Clarify the general public’s misconception about the American Correctional System.What role does Corrections fulfill in the Criminal Justice system? What types of sanctions does the Correctional system employ? What types of sanctions do people usually receive in the correctional system?What are the two current issues in the American Correctional System? What do the statistics/numbers say about said issues?What does the public opinion surrounding Corrections say about the system? Does the public support rehabilitative policies or punitive policies? Is there any disparity in response based on one’s race? Where does the public believe blame lies (and is there difference in the answer based on the respondent’s race)?How are arrest rates and the incarceration population related? Discuss Blumstein’s work here.Why did Blumstein examine/compare the Black-White arrest gaps vs. prison gaps? What was his reasoning?What did he find? What did replications of this study find?What was his conclusion?What can we do to help improve the current issues within the American Correctional System?Based on recidivism rates, does mass incarceration work? What does current picture of recidivism look like?What is prisoner reentry? What are the factors that make achieving the goal of reentry difficult? Why is this important in reducing the prison/correctional population?Based on what you have written, what would be your suggestion(s) as to reducing racial disparities in the American Correctional System? Provide 1-2 policy implications.


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