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You need to find ten / 10 sources for your research paper.So, your Works Cited page should have ten entries, listed in alphabetical order with second and subsequent lines indentedYou will chose one of them to analyze and evaluate to assess whether it supports your thesis.Your research paper should be a minimum of 1,500 words or six typed double-spaced pages with Arial or Times Roman size 12 font.So altogether, you will have at least ten (10) sources to cite in your works cited page.These sources may include books, scholarly journals, newspaper or magazine articles, movies, radio or television shows and discussions. They could also include interviews, blogs, podcasts, discussion groups. MAKE SURE THAT ANY SOURCE YOU USE CONTAINS VERIFIABLE INFORMATION. If you want to include your personal experiences, you can cite them as an interview. Check the MLA Guidelines.Remember, all references should be documented with in-text citations. There should be a minimum of twenty (24) in-text citations in your paper. Your in-text citations should be as follows:6 in-text citations from the primary text which you will analyze andevaluate2 in-text citations from each of the other nine texts = 18Altogether a minimum of 24 intext citations in your paper..You should figure out exactly what you feel about this issue and what you would like to convince your audience about. You should consciously utilize various kinds of writing rhetoric to marshal your thoughts. In particular, use the three kinds of persuasion rhetoric – ethos, logos and pathos to drive home your views. At the end, you should also use a peroration – a statement expressing what you would like to be done about this kind of language use.Suggested ways you can integrate the different kinds of rhetoric to build up your argument. :Define your topic [DEFINITION]Describe the issue. [DESCRIPTION]Explain how the issue operates, step by step; [PROCESS ANALYSIS]Give some examples [EXAMPLES]Analyze and evaluate one of the texts to assess whether it supports or contradicts your thesis. [ANALYSIS & EVALUATION]Recount an experience or tell a story or interview someone to tell his or her story to illustrate the interview [NARRATION]Classify the examples / issues [CLASSIFICATION]Compare a few examples / cases [COMPARISON & CONTRAST]Clarify what caused a particular effect / case / example – provide evidence. [CAUSE & EFFECT]Use the strategies of ethos, logos and pathos. [PERSUASION]EthosSignificance: Explain how the topic is significant or resonateswith people;Academic: Follow established essay structure;LogosProvide facts and figures / statistics to support your thesis / argument and to establish the correct cause of whatever effects you are discussing.Pathos Use examples / cases / illustrations that appeal to the emotions –people affected or outcomes influenced in various ways by the issues discussed. If possible create visual impressions.


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