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Write a response to thequestion, and then a response to each of the bullets.
Question – “To what extent ismixed methods research simply taking a quantitative design and a qualitativedesign and putting them together?”
Next, explain thetypes of research questions best served by mixed methods research.
Then, explain onestrength and one limitation of mixed methods research.
Finally, provide arationale for or against the utility of mixed methods research in yourdiscipline.
Be sure to supportyour Main Issue Post and Response Post with reference to the week’s LearningResources and other scholarly evidence in APA Style.
Burkholder,G. J., Cox, K. A., Crawford, L. M., & Hitchcock, J. H. (Eds.). (2020). Research designs and methods:An applied guide for the scholar-practitioner. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.Chapter 8,“Mixed Methods Designs and Approaches”


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