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PROMPT:You will be answering the following question for your analysis of Toni Morrison’s, “Recitatif.”QUESTION: Why do you think Toni Morrison conceals the race and ethnicity of the two main character’s Twyla and Roberta; how does it support her main theme/s and what conclusions did you make based on close-reading?Be able to provide three examples of textual support that Morrison gives to support your claim. Your essay should identify the following:Introduction discuss main theme (include author, title and context) + ThesisBody paragraphsProvide textual support (quotes/scenes) that support your claim/thesis3 textual examples are neededMake sure each paragraph supports and connects to your thesisConclusionWhat you think Morrison’s main objective is and why it is important?Please read chapter 10 in SMG notes/lecture for support on how to craft argument around literature. You are interpreting some aspect of this story. You must back up interpretation with support from story. You may find additional support to story to support your claim with research. You must have a clear developed “thesis,” EX. “I argue Toni Morrison conceals the racial identity of the two main characters because______________. Through historical inference, textual support and playing with stereotypes I believe Twyla is ______ and Roberta is _________.”You will be graded on the following:Basic Features: CHAPTER 10 in St. Martin’s GuideClearly articulated THESIS:CLEAR STATED positionMotive and theme + who is who (1-2 sentences)Well supported argument:Textual support and evidence(3 paragraphs with quotes or scene reference)Can include outside researchLogical OrganizationOutlined and each paragraph connects to thesisEach paragraph has topic sentenceEach paragraph has main pointTransitions


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