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For your Essay #3 Final Draft, you’re required to write 3.5 pages (875 words) minimum.You are required to discuss the elements of poetry in your essay, so use your answers to the “Essay #3 Prep Assignment” in which you answered questions about the elements of fiction (diction, syntax, tones, etc.) as a starting place.You MUST respond to the writing prompt below to receive credit.Your introduction should include a thesis statement structured similar to the example below. (You can fill in the first few blanks with the elements of poetry that you will analyze and the last blank with the theme that you identify.)Example of thesis statement: “Theodore Roethke uses ______________, ______________, ______________, and ______________ to show ______(theme)________.”The above example only has four blanks for elements of poetry, but you can add more if you discuss more in your essay.Important note on identifying a theme:For this class, a theme is not a single word (such as love or suffering or war, etc), but a sentence–a statement about a subject.For example, fatherhood, paternal love, innocence, abuse, obedience, and familial bonds are not themes, but subjects. What a text says ABOUT one of these subjects would be a theme.Below is an example of a subject versus a theme.Example of a subject: “Hope.”Examples of themes about hope: “Hope is sometimes the only reprieve from suffering”; “Hope is eternal and outlives all suffering”; “Unfounded hope can only lead to more suffering”; “Even the harshest reality is preferable to false hope.”To identify a theme:First identify an important subject in the text.Then identify what the text is saying about that subject and that is your theme.A theme is always something deeper, a more profound (often universal) statement about human nature.Writing prompt:Write an essay about “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke in which you1. Identify a major theme and the tone in the poem.2. Explain how the elements of poetry contribute to this theme and tone. You are expected to use the elements of poetry explained in the lecture and previous assignments.REMINDER TO USE LITERARY TERMINOLOGY:To receive full credit on Essay #3, you will have to include these literary terms (below in bold font). Focus your essay on these literary terms. If any term is unfamiliar, re-watch the poetry lecture and consult the textbook.What are your expectations from the title and the first lines of the poem? Is there a special significance to the title of the poem? (The answer is always Yes to this question) Explain.Is this a narrative poem, lyrical poem, dramatic poem, elegy, or sonnet or other recognizable type of poetry?Summarize each stanza in one (original) sentence.Look at the diction of the poem. Is it similar throughout? Are there any interesting word choices that sand out? Explain.Look at the syntax of the poem. Is there any interesting syntax that stands out? Explain.What is the tone of the overall poem? Explain your answer and mention any important connotations of words you think are significant.Is there any ambiguity in the language of the poem? Explain.Who is the speaker?Who is the auditor? (Pay close attention.)Which lines have an end-stop and which have enjambment? (Do the end-stopped lines call attention to something? Do the enjambed lines call attention to something?)Is there any rhyme (exact rhyme, slant rhyme, sight rhyme) in the poem? Is there a rhyme scheme (repeating pattern)?Are there any patterns that are created and then changed in one or two particular lines? Does this call attention to something? Explain.Are there any figures of speech used? (Metonymy, Synecdoche, Personification)?What would you say is the theme of the poem? (First ask yourself what is the main subject? Then ask yourself what is the attitude towards that subject and what does the poem say ABOUT the subject.)Is there any imagery that stands out? If so, explain the significance of these images.


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