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Your underlying task is to demonstrate that you understand the communication concepts taught in this course.Choose a topic that you feel is a social injustice that you would like to see changed. Students, please remember that there are many belief systems represented in this class, which is no different than the world at large. You must be respectful in your writing and in your presentation. A good speaker does not alienate his – her listeners! They speak in a way that causes people to think, perhaps feel conviction so that they’ll consider change.How did this injustice begin, and evolve into what it is today?Who / what does it affect and what harm(s) are being done?Why is this important to you? (Convince your audience that we should make it important to us too)If you could “fix the injustice” what would you do?How does this injustice affect society / the world as a whole?What are some steps that the audience can take today?


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