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In this portfolio project, retroactive search trees will beimplemented – both partially and fully retroactive search trees. Theupdate operations to the (non-retroactive) search tree should beInsert(x) and Delete(x), and the query operation should be Pred(x) thatreturns the largest element stored in the subtree ≤x. The tasks of theproject are to:Define an appropriate interface to a partially and a fully retroactive search tree.Implement a search tree, a partially retroactive search tree, and a fully retroactive search tree.Test if your retroactive solutions are correct by comparing them with simple rollback solutions.Compare the performance of the different data structures. Compare theperformance of the fully retroactive search tree with a simple rollbacksolution. What are the thresholds where the complicated solution issuperior to the rollback solution?You will present your findings in a well-organized research paperthat resembles the structure of a manuscript for publication in acomputer science journal.


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