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After having read about the various types of business crimes in section 5.2 of your Business Law I Essentials book, answer the following questions:
What can your organization do to protect itself against business crimes?If you are not currently employed, select an organization you would like to work for.Support your response with examples.The line between “legal advice” and “legal information” is often blurred. Unlike legal information, legal advice refers to the written or oral counsel about a legal matter that would affect the rights and responsibilities of the person receiving the advice.
In addition, actual legal advice requires careful analysis of the law as it applies to a person’s specific situation – as opposed to speculation based on generic facts. Search the internet for current events and find a business who is undergoing a public situation in which legal counsel was likely sought.What business did you select?What is the situation?What details can you think of which may have been discussed when the company sought out counsel?Be sure to post the link.


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