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Applying Sociology: Gender policingFor this assignment, you will apply the concept of gender policing to your own experience. Before you begin, you will need to have read Wade chapter 4 Performances and have watched the video The Bro Code.Write a short essay, at least 900 words, describing and analyzing an incident where you experienced gender policing.Answer the following questions:What did you do or say that prompted someone to police you in a gendered way? In other words, what gender rule(s) did you break?What happened? How did the person or people respond?How did you react? Did you give an explanation or an account? What was it?Did they accept your account? Why or why not?How did the encounter end?In your response, be sure to define and use and cite the concepts gender policing, account, accountability.Do not structure your essay by answering these questions in order. Do a freewrite, then write an essay with a thesis statement and an argument.Structure and Format


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