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Develop a comparative art analysis using two different images(provided in files along with a link for more info about the art and citation info included) Picture 1 link : and picture 2 link**(Word count does not have to be 550 aslong as its at least 5 slides and answers prompt)**The aim of this assignment is to view works of art in relation to one another and understand how artists during this period used certain visual elements or techniques in constructing visual stereotypes.Format: Slide presentation with text and images (5-10 slides). You may use PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote or create a PDF.You may use one of the following prompts for ideas on how to approach your art analysis:What do visual stereotypes of African Americans and Irish Americans in 19th century America have in common? How do they differ? How do your two selected images support this?What are common visual elements that you see in stereotypes about Irish Americans? How do your two selected images support this?Tips:Ask yourself why the comparison between your two selected artworks is relevant.Consider using one of the two following basic structures:“Lumping” involves broadly discussing the details of one work, and then the details of the second work. This method is useful in analyzing broad comparisons. Remember to compare the two works by referring back to the first work when discussing the second. Aim to synthesize your comparisons in your final paragraphs.“Splitting” involves discussing a particular point in both works before moving on to another point. This method is useful in comparing fine details in an artwork instead of a broader look at each work as a whole. Let’s say you’re interested in how an artist who creates visual stereotypes conveys poverty. You can focus on elements in both images that depict or suggest poverty (e.g. broken bottles, shoes with holes, the appearance of a shack). Remember to discuss each point evenly to maintain a clear, parallel structure. Remember to write a conclusion that ties all of your main ideas together.509062an hour ago


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