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Guidelines for reportIntroductionFor your introduction, use the funnel approach. Start from the more general/broad and then move to the more specific/narrow.⁃ What is reputation and why is it important for organizations?⁃ What is CSR and how is it related to reputation?⁃ Why are these questions important to answer within the UAE market?⁃ What organizations in particular are important in the UAE market?⁃ What organization did you select and why?⁃ What do you know about this organization?⁃ What will this study/report be about?⁃ How is the report structured?Quantitative findings⁃ Why did you collect this data?⁃ How did you collect the data? Here talk about the survey and how it was designed, administered, etc.⁃ Who answered the questions? Here you give information about your sample (nationality, gender and age)⁃ Then, you go on to explain and display your findings in a concise and effective way.⁃ You do not need to discuss all questions in detail but you must draw the attention of the reader to patterns and interesting findings.⁃ If you are using a graph/table, all questions from the survey need to be displayed (but not the demographics).Qualitative findings⁃ Why did you collect this data?⁃ How did you collect it?⁃ What are you examining and how? (Don’t assume your reader knows what prominence or extent is).⁃ What did you find?⁃ You can include screenshots of the website as visual aid.DiscussionHere is where you interpret your findings. What do your findings mean in combination? Do not repeat your findings. You already discussed them in the sections above. Here try to understand them.You will most likely need to read other sources and include references that help support your interpretation, perspective, etc.ConclusionIn your conclusion, you must provide a summary of your study and report.What were you trying to find out and why? Why was it important?How did you try to find the answers to those questions? What did you find?What do your findings mean?Do you have any recommendations or other ideas about the specific organization?


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