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1. The Voting Rights Act along with Amendments 14, 15, 19, 24, and 26 attempted to guarantee voting rights to all equally. What did you learn about each of these Amendments? Below, state the Amendment; the year that it was passed, and what it accomplished. In what ways do you think these laws and amendments have accomplishedthose goals? In what ways do you think they have failed? Explain for each one.14th Amendment:15th Amendment:19th Amendment:24th Amendment:26th Amendment:2. What is the Voting Rights Bill of 2020? You may use this NPR report as well as any additional sources to give a ½ page explanation of this Bill and the current fight in Congress to get it passed into law.Use this link to answer the questions
Discuss the article’s purpose, audience, and rhetorical situation or context in your own words.
What are the non-negotiables in terms of policy and practice?
Describe current state of malpractice in healthcare and how healthcare professionals respond against allegations of malpractice.
Do you happen to know when your family first immigrated to the United States?
What specific elements of each religion are mentioned in the readings and other course content areas that show a specifically Buddhist or Muslim approach to caring for the environment?
Write a paper analyzing ethnic identity of your choice (identity of your own ethnic group or any other ethnic group) based on theoretical ideas of Tajfel, Turner, Volkan, Horowitz, Eriksen or other theorists.
Write an assay that explores the elements of the UAE culture such as Islam, language, architecture, attire, cuisine.
Explain the meaning of each ratio and what the calculated results tell you about each of the companies.
Write a research paper discussing African Americans with High Blood Pressure.
Discuss the correlation between height and weight.


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