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Focus on November 17th assignment on paper dropped in files.
You must write an article basing off the three sets of data given in the excel sheet. I have linked an article which is what our format should look like. Include data tables and charts, Describe them and let the article flow. These statstics are based off the league as a whole, perhaps describe why this is happening, what angle is most beneficial and why. Do so with each chart but collect the information as a whole. Make yours look like a typical statistic release baseball article.
The professors Given Assignment describing the data I sent you:
I recently noticed that the search part of baseball savant has something called “launch direction” in its menu of options for “Metric Range”. Metric range means that you can look only at a set of hits or pitches with certain features, like only pitches that are >96 MPH if you use pitch velocity in metric range. If you play with Launch Direction in metric range, you can play with the direction that a ball was hit. It gives you the ability to search anywhere between 90 and -90 degrees (0 degrees is straightaway center), but realistically only between around 30 and -30 is in the field of play. One way I could envision setting up this project is to look only at barrels (in the quality of contact menu) and then look at the barrels in 5 degree increments (ie >30 degrees, 25-29 degrees, 20-24 degrees and so on…). In the “Group by” select “League” (we don’t care too much about individual players or teams, we just want information on all hits with the characteristics that we selected). Then in the included stats you can select values like SLG and wOBA and whatever else you might find interesting.IMPORTANTThere should be a question or problem aboutbaseball that you identify and why you think it is interesting or important.Then you should gather some data related to that question and analyze the datato see what you can find.
Right now, really the most useful piece that you have is the first chart.However, around this piece of data, I don’t see anything related to launchdirection. You will need an introduction to launch direction (what is it? Whymight it be interesting?), and then maybe some discussion of how the data forthe first chart was collected and what the chart means (for example, the x-axisshould really be launch direction in degrees between -35 and 35). If you can’tget the graph to show it in degrees, you should at least explain what the datais showing you. Then you need to analyze the data. What does the graph tellyou? Why is there a dip in the middle?
The second chart is somewhat useful, but not as interesting as the first. Itcan be included and described in more detail as I explained above, but youprobably shouldn’t focus on it as much as the first chart.
Finally, you can think about what type of follow up studies involving Launchdirection might be useful. What other things might you look at besides what youalready have?
Link to base article format off of:
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