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Using your textbook, LIRN-based research(attached), and the Internet, provide a complete solution to the Case Problem (Specialty Toys) presented at the end of Chapter 6 in the textbook. Include in-text citations..Prepare a managerial report that addresses the following issues and recommends an order quantity for the weather Teddy product. In your report, answer the following five questions:Use the sales forecaster’s prediction to describe a normal probability distribution that can be used to approximate the demand distribution.Sketch the distribution and show its mean and standard deviation.Compute the probability of a stock­out for the order quantities suggested by members of the management team.Compute the projected profit for the order quantities suggested by the management team under three scenarios: worst case in which sales = 10,000 units, most likely case in which sales = 20,000 units, and best case in which sales = 30,000 units.One of Specialty’s managers felt that the profit potential was so great that the order quantity should have a 70% chance of meeting demand and only a 30% chance of any stock outs. What quantity would be ordered under this policy, and what is the projected profit under the three sales scenarios?Provide your own recommendation for an order quantity and note the associated profit projections. Provide a rationale for your recommendation.
Paper should be 6-7 pages . Please be sure to include in-text citations and peer reviewed references in APA format in your discussion post,It must contain Abstract and Conclusion, and APA 7th ed. Formatted paper.
Do you support King Scotric’s absolutist goals?
Describe both groups and discuss which one of these groups poses the greatest danger to our country?
Write a comparison essay of Plato allegory of the cave and Oedipus Rex by Sophocles.
In what ways were the Spanish colonization efforts different from the English colonies established?
Identify a respected, credible newspaper, news magazine or on-line news source; specifically Bloomberg, The Economist, Forbes, The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, NPR, Reuters, Time, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post.
What recommendations would you make to the organization’s management to optimize their supply chain processes?
Explain in detail what the Family System is and how it distinguishes the practice of Marriage & Family Therapy from other mental health approaches.
Describe methods of CQI used in health care.
Describe whether or not conflict is constructive or destructive.
What exercises would you use to identify cognitive biases?


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