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Chapter 6:Following a victory over Britain in the American Revolution, America was now a newly-formed nation. Celebrations and holidays honoring the formation of America became a common occurance, and visions of a “diverse but cohesive, prosperous nation” began to take shape. But the new nation was never as cohesive as many had hoped. In the early years of the American nation, conflicts, turmoil and uncertainty had the United States facing the threat of collapse. Please answer the following questions:
Why do you believe Americans were so optimistic about their vision of a “diverse but cohesive, prosperous nation”? When formulating your answer, consider the ideologies and beliefs of Americans during colonial times and into the American Revolution.
What was causing the conflicts, turmoil and uncertainty at the start of the new nation, and why? Examples are great, but look for the overarching issue or issues at hand.


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