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Weekly Assignment # 1
Due: Friday, January 14 by 5:00 pm
Read pages 116-36 from the The Little Seagull Handbook. These pages will give a thumbnail sketch of doing college-level research and checking your sources.You should start your research on your first essay assignment about the paranormal. For this first weekly assignment, find two articles about the paranormal phenomenon you think you want to work with for this assignment. These sources can be what the handbook calls “popular sources,” but if you find a scholarly source, do not hesitate to use it. Just make sure you follow the directions for doing solid research given in the handbook. For each article, give a one-paragraph summary that contains the article’s name, the author’s name, and the website or place where you found the essay. You may use videos if you choose, but make sure they are videos that someone is analyzing through a speak-over or other narration devices. Simple pictures or 10-second clips will not help you. You should say what the main claim of the article is and what evidence is used to support it. For each source, evaluate it and fact-check it, per the advice given on 129-31. What you submit to me should demonstrate that you read the pages in the handbook and followed their advice. Be specific. With the summaries, evaluations, and fact-checks, I will be looking for this assignment to have 1 ½-2 pages of writing.


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