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Literary Non-Fiction AssignmentChoose one of the following options for the literary essays we have discussed in classand answer each of the included questions in paragraph form for a total of fiveparagraphs.You must directly answer the question in the first sentence of the paragraph. Eachparagraph should follow the paragraph conventions that we have discussed in class(supporting points, concluding sentence, topic sentence, etc.).Each paragraph should include at least 5 sentences and be around 150 – 200 wordseach.Your answers should include specific references to the text, but you should dependmore on paraphrasing the text than quoting it.Your answers should be written in a formal tone (avoid first and second person,contractions, slang, clichés, etc.).Please double-space your answers and use MLA Style for you citations.Remember that you should only use the text itself as your source. Do not seekhelp from other sources for analysis.1. “How It Feels To Be Coloured Me” by Zora Neale Hurston.i) What does Hurston mean when she says that “[she] remember[s] the veryday that [she] became Coloured”?ii) When Hurston arrives in Jacksonville, she says that she “was not Zora ofOrange County anymore.” What does she mean when she says this?iii) What does Hurston mean when she says that she “do[es] not weep at theworld” because she is “too busy sharpening her oyster knife”?iv) Who or what is the “brown spectre” mentioned on page 41, and what is itssignificance?v) What is the significance of Hurston’s metaphor of the different colouredbags?2. “How It Feels To Be Coloured Me” by Zora Neale Hurston.i) Why does Hurston interact with the white tourists without fear while theadults avoid them as much as possible?ii) Why does her experience change so drastically when she leaves herhometown of Eatonville?iii) On page 41, Hurston describes her skin as a “fast brown – warranted notto rub nor run.” What does she mean when she says this?iv) On page 42, Hurston describes being “a dark rock surged upon” at thebottom of a river. Why does she feel this way in the situationdescribed?v) What overall point is Hurston trying to make in her essay?3. “Advice to Youth” by Mark Twaini) How does Twain trick the reader at the beginning of the essay?ii) How does Twain subvert the reader’s expectations throughout the essay?(Use at least one specific example)iii) Why does Twain use humour in his essay (besides being funny) ratherthan simply providing straightforward advice?iv) Why does Twain choose to mock conventional advice in this way?v) What is Twain’s opinion on the conventional advice throughout the essay?4. “Advice to Youth” by Mark Twaini) Why does Twain encourage children to disobey their parents?ii) Does Twain want people to solve disputes by throwing bricks ateach other? If not, why does he use this example?iii) Why does Twain encourage lying?iv) Why is “a truth not hard to kill”?v) What overall advice is Twain trying to give to youth in this essay? (I am lookingfor the essay’s overall message, not a summary of the essay)5. “A Father’s Faith” by Miriam Toewsi) What does the opening description of Toews’ father walking through thetown tell us about her father?ii) What does her description of the town on page 103 (On the way into town… Mennonite and Conservative) suggest about the town?iii) Why does Toews go from loving and understanding her town to becoming“suspicious and critical and restless and angry”?iv) Why might the fact that most of the townspeople can trace their ancestryback to one time and place be significant to the town’s character?v) Why does the town want to “keep the world away from their children andtheir children away from the world”?6. “A Father’s Faith” by Miriam Toewsi) At the beginning of the essay, Toews’ description of her father and his walkthrough the town are shattered by the abrupt introduction of hissuicide. What is the significance of this dramatic shift in Toews’narrative?ii) What is the implied connection between the restrictive rules Toews’mentions, such as dancing and drinking being sinful and women beingprohibited from addressing the church congregation, and hergrandmother’s alcoholism?iii) What is the significance of Toews’ statement that “every family had asecret” in the context of the town’s overall character?iv) What role might the Mennonite Church’s history of “shunning” peoplewith depression have played in Toews’ father’s depression andsuicide?v) What significance does the fact that Toews later discovers that “thenumber of mentally ill Mennonites is abnormally high” have inrelation to all the problems she has mentioned?7. “Finding Father” by Richard Wagamesei) Why does Wagamese say that his dream “is all [he] ever knew of [his]father”?ii) Why does Wagamese say that when he was put in foster care, hedisappeared?iii) What does Wagamese mean when he says that “time and politics andhistory prevented [him] from [becoming Ojibway]”?iv) Wagamese says that “there were a number of men who adopted the nameand role of father in my life when I disappeared.” What does thispassage suggest about his time in foster care?v) How did the foster-care system affect Wagamese overall?8. “Finding Father” by Richard Wagamesei) Why can’t Wagamese see his father’s face in his dream, even though he hasseen photographs of him?ii) Why does Wagamese come to associate his father with the landscape?iii) Why does he want to return to the site of his birth even though he has nomemory of it?iv) Why do Wagamese and his father run together in the dream at the end ofthe essay?v) What is the overall message of the essay?What am I looking for in this assignment?1. Analysis: your answers should analyze rather than summarize the essays.2. Structure: your paragraphs should follow the conventions discussed in class.3. Focus: your paragraphs should be focused on the questions asked. Do not stray intounrelated ideas. Do not try to cover every issue the essay mentions in one paragraph.4. Clarity: your writing should be easy to read and understand.5. Grammar and syntax: your writing should follow the rules of grammar and syntaxdiscussed in class.Penalties and RemindersAll take-home assignments are required elements of the course. Failing to hand in anassignment will result in a mark of NP in the class, which is a failure calculated at 40%.30 or more grammatical errors = 45%Referring to outside sources (anything other than the essay itself) without permission =10% penaltyLate papers = 5% penalty per day lateLate papers will only be accepted up to 5 days after the due date unless you havereceived an extension.If you need an extension, please contact me as soon as possible. Extensions are notretroactive.


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