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Write a bibliography on a research article done in USA, on transplant issue within the last five years.
Author’s credentials and other information (if available) are evaluated for credibility of the author.
Type of research is identified: (Qualitative or Quantitative), and identify level of evidence.
Purpose of the Research is quoted with quotation marks (if available) or described. Or note that was not described.
Research Questions or hypotheses are quoted with quotation marks.
Sample participants are described with inclusion and exclusion criteria identified. Describe IRB process.
Major findings of the study are briefly described, and these are related to the purpose and research questions.
The clear and concise description of Implications for nursing practice. Relate to assignment focus.
Current APA format used consistently, including running head, reference, headings and paragraphs.
Your opinion, impression or overall take-away from the article.
Punctuation, grammar, spelling, quotation marks, and mechanics are appropriate for college-level work.


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