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Write a brief essay explaining his/her educational and career objectives, including one thing you would do to give back to your community. Also explain why you feel you should be awarded this scholarship.”
here is some info to help:– i am currently working in finance in the corporate worldfor one of the top 5 banks in the country– i want to be in business banking.– i will be graduating in may with my associates. planning to go directly into bachelors degree progran in business at university of alabama the month after.– i want to help people get off the ground starting their own business and helping with funding– i would set up some type or mentoring program to help people understand businesses and how to succeed to give back to the community
anything else you can make up to add spunk to It and make It over the top
Write an essay that describes the roles of women in the Chinese, Middle Eastern and European cultures during various eras, evaluating how these roles changed within their respective cultures.
State why it is an important issue, for example, who is affected, the magnitude of the issue, policy implications, prevention strategies, the effect of COVID-19 on this issue, etc.
Write a paper about cancer you select a cancer type and country to compare cancer prevention strategies, risk factors , cancer incidence, & mortality rates ect.
Discuss how the mean, median, and mode all represent averages in this context.
Write a paper and examine the claim that true prophets had nothing to do with the cult.
Explain why opioids is killing more African Americas than white Americans.
Write an essay on “One flew over the cuckoos nest” by Ken Kesey.
Discuss how you will apply your new-found reflection once you graduate: Focus on changes in mindsets, behaviors.
Explain how changes in the industrial structure affect economic growth in China?
Write an essay about what type of technology humans would theoretically need to survive on another planet.


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