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Each student is required to complete a descriptive research report, in APA format, aboutthe Station Night Club Fire. The research paper should include a discussion relative totopics covered in this course, such as building construction, interior finishes, interiorcoverings, fire behavior and spread, and recommendations for preventing a similarevent. The research paper shall be a minimum of two pages and a maximum of threepages, not including the title page, and reference page.
* Use Times New Roman font size 12 for your class project.
* Use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association [APA],7th edition as reference to complete the class project.
* Never plagiarize! Submit your own work! Paraphrase and site the author.
Take the following steps to complete this assignment:
1. Access one or more of the libraries listed below and identify a minimum of tworeferences (more is better) that are relative to the Station Night Club Fire case study.You may also use Internet resources or other publications for this assignment.However, Wikipedia is not an acceptable resource for use in this course.
• Eastern Gateway Community College Library
Eastern Gateway Community College
Fire Science Program
• National Emergency Training Center Library
• University of Illinois – Fire Service Institute
2. Read and study the materials you found that describes the Station Night Club Firecase study.
3. Write a descriptive research paper which provides a meaningful conclusion and/orrecommendation that is based on the material presented in the body of your work. Thisdescriptive research paper/article must include all of the following:
• Title Page: The title page should conform to APA style and format. “A title shouldsummarize the main idea of the paper simply and, if possible, with style”. (Usesample title page attached to syllabus).
• Introduction. The introduction must be no more than two paragraphs and mustdefine the topic. The introduction discusses the purpose and scope of your work.
• Literature Review: A minimum of one (1) and a maximum of two (3) pages review ofthe literature. This is where you provide information about the topic. Do noteditorialize, rationalize, or make judgments about the material. Just report (review)what you found in the literature. (This section follows your one or two paragraphintroduction with no “white-space” between the two. You should begin to use levelone, two, and three headings, refer to the APA Guide (page 62) for additionaldetails.
• Conclusion and/or Recommendation: The Conclusion and/or recommendationsection should be a minimum of 1 paragraph.
It is very important to relate the conclusions to your academic major (fire service) orprofession. Try to include examples as to how what you have written about relates tothe major.
• Reference Page: The Reference Page should list all of the sources used to supportyour work. The Reference Page should be formatted in accordance with APArequirements.
Discuss the importance of different communication styles, methods, and approaches.
Explain why the problem is relevant to your professional practice and to the patient, family, or group.
Compare and contrast Hoover and Roosevelt’s response to the crisis.
Discuss the strengths of both the short- and long-term recovery plans implemented to protect the interest of all areas affected by the disaster.
Identify 3 key concepts, or passages from the readings.
What has the courts decided on the constitutional rights to privacy violated by the FISA system?
What are likely to be your greatest challenges in exploring your own racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, ableism, and ageism?
Identify 10 municipal/local, state, or federal government grant programs.
Write a academic paper in which you describe a business situation, apply a critical thinking framework to the situation, and recommend evidence-based solutions to the situation.
Describe at least 3 ways how technology is changing the way we teach in the modern classroom.


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