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Write a paper explaining the issue with at least ten current (within the last five years) references included in the report bibliography which should appear at the end of the report.Run a SPELL CHECK before submitting your paper. Misspellings will not be tolerated and your grade on this project will be one full letter grade lower if you fail to do this simple task.Your bibliographical reference list at the end of your paper should be in alphabetical order by last name and look like this:Grazer, Brian, and Charles Fishman. 2015. A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life. New York: Simon & Schuster.Smith, Zadie. 2016. Swing Time. New York: Penguin Press.If you use a quote from a source in the text of your paper, you would end the sentence containing the quote with an insertion referring to a reference in your end of paper bibliography that should look like this: (Grazer and Fishman 2015, p. 12) or (Smith 2016, pp. 315–16). If you wish to include a note saying more about the quotation or any reference used, you would drop a footnote on that page.NEVER solely cite an internet URL or provide an internet link without a bibliographic reference. Your reference in the end bibliography should look like this:Griffin, P. and H.J. Carroll. (2011) NCAA Inclusion of Transgender Student-Athletes. National Collegiate Athletic Association: Indianapolis, IN. Retrieve at: athletes.aspxand if you used a quote in the text of your paper, your citation at the end of the sentencecontaining the quote should be (Griffin and Carroll, 2011)Always put your name, the course number, the course title and the date your paper wassubmitted at the top of your paper.When titling your electronic document which is to be sent to the instructor as an emailattachment, the title should be your last name following by the description of the assignment. Example: “SMITH-Gender Equity Paper – SMT457 Example: “SMITH – Semester Project – SMT457”The written report should be organized as follows:Situation (copy the situation exactly as it was assigned as the lead paragraph)Review of the Literature. List each of the references you read (10 minimum) andsummarize the main points of each respective article, current news story, orresearch study as it relates your topic or case study.Be sure to answer the challenge of the assignment (solve the problem, develop thepolicy, list the pros and cons, present the solution, etc.)Recommended Policy – ALWAYS include your recommendation for a sportorganization policy that addresses the issue with regard to preventing the occurrence or reoccurrence of this problem. Be sure your policy document is formatted as a policy (see samples in the Cloud that are provided in addition to your print textbook). Note that your textbook purchase allows you to download pre-formatted policies. See if these policies contain a sample related to your topic. Feel free to use the sample BUT BE SURE TO CUSTOMIZE for your problem or challenge and to cite the Lopiano/Zotos textbook in your bibliography.8203623 hours agoSituation: The Executive Director of your state’s high school athletics association calls you and asks for a meeting to discuss a recent decision he made. A local middle school contacted him to ask whether the school had to permit a girl to try out for the boys’ 8th grade football team. The Executive Director told the school that they did not have to permit her to try out. You asked the Executive Director what reason he gave for the decision and he replied, “The absence of adequate breast protection equipment in football and I told them I thought that Title IX supported girls being prohibited from playing on boys’ teams in contact sports.” You further inquired about the size and weight of the girl and whether he felt there was any danger in her competing with larger, bigger and stronger boys. The Executive Director responded, “Oh no, she’s 5’6” and 180 lbs. and I’m more afraid of the boys she plays against getting hurt.” You asked about the purpose of the meeting and how he expected you to help and the Executive Director responded, “The President of our association asked me to research Title IX and something called the 14th Amendment to see if our decision was on solid ground and he asked me to draft a formal policy for the association.” You’ve agreed to help him develop a power point presentation.


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