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Write a paper focused on the topic of major global issues confronting the 21st century. You should think about what you have read in the text book and engaged in your primary source documents and other lecture material. You are REQUIRED to provide historical evidence to support your thesis and main points in this essay.ESSAY PROMPT QUESTION:Analyze the inter-relationships embedded in key environmental, social, and political problems faced by the world today.Topic that I want to write my final semester paper on: PollutionWith this in mind, you can carefully craft sub-topics to the main topic that will answer those questions. We have compiled a list of such below. (You care not confined to the questions below, you can create your own question or expand on the question below if you would like).Should countries allocate funds towards space exploration admit food insecurity crisis?How can technology be used to promote peace and security?What are the effects of pollution on the environment?How can the youth mindset be changed towards self-employment?With the rise in global warming, what climatic conditions are expected 50 years from now?How can drug and substance abuse be prevented among the youth?What are the long term effects of deforestation?What is the relationship between religion and terrorism?Should nuclear energy be used in war?What are the basic Human Rights of a refugee?


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