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From the list below, choose a political campaign on a question of recent or current public interest.#axethetaxperiod (end the Tampon Tax):—stigma#STOPADANI: 4 Justice 2021: the Rate: the Date: for Afghanistan: the provided template below, reflect on the goals, strategy, and outcome of your chosen campaign.You are required to use at least 4 sources of an academic or credible nature e.g. journal article, book, government website, news outlets (acknowledge bias where necessary).CAMPAIGN GOALS & IDEOLOGY (350 words)Include a summary of your chosen contemporary campaign, including the purpose and goals of the campaign.Research required: What is the political ideology motivating your campaign? Even if the campaign does not explicitly state their ideology, based on what we have studied in this unit (weeks 2 & 3) try to identify at least one and explain how that is reflected in your campaign’s goals.If there is an official website or relevant article that outlines the aims of the campaign, please include the URL at the end of this section.CAMPAIGN STRATEGY (400 words)How does your chosen campaign reach out to people and publicise their issue/s?Research required: How effective are these methods at raising awareness?Consider:Did the campaigners utilise public activities or ’stunts’ to attract attention to your cause?Is it a grassroots campaign? Backed by a company or political party?Do local or federal government people or parties respond to this campaign? If so, how?How has your campaign been portrayed in the media (news outlets, celebrity or influencer support etc.)? Has that helped or hindered their cause/REFLECTION (250 words)Research required: Taking into consideration the analysis you have generated above, do you consider the campaign to be a success? Why/why not?Note: Your campaign can be ongoing. Reflect on this in terms of what it has accomplished so far.Think about whether your campaign: achieved its goals? Changed a law or policy or social attitude?Are there other, similar campaigns (within Australia or internationally) that tried to address the same goals as your chosen campaign? Were they more or less successful?What, if anything, would you do differently?


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