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1.Write an essay that describes the roles of women in the Chinese, Middle Eastern and European cultures during various eras, evaluating how these roles changed within their respective cultures.
Begin your essay with an introduction (a sentence that summarizes the content of your essay).Then describe the expectations for women in each culture for the ancient, medieval and modern eras. These expectations are reflected in both actions and attitudes expressed toward women, as well as women who were exceptions to the rule. Be sure to provide examples to demonstrate these points. Since you are tracking change over time, it will be best to address one culture at a time. You may discover that while certain aspects of women’s roles have changed significantly, others have not changed.
Develop your essay as follows:I. Introduction (½ page)II. Chinese Culture (2-4 pages)Ancient eraMedieval eraModern eraAnalysis of changeIII. Middle Eastern Culture (2-4 pages)Pre-Islamic era (Ancient)Medieval eraModern eraAnalysis of changeIV. European Culture (2-4 pages)Ancient eraMedieval eraModern eraAnalysis of changeV. Conclusion (½ page)VI. References (½-1 page)
Formatdoc, docx, pdfAPA StyleLength: 7½-14 pages


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