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Write your final report paper as if you were to convince the Board of Directors of a For-Profit or Non-Profitorganization (or, your business Partners) to expand your business into the country you chose. In yourIntroduction part (Project Proposal), you may state the name of your company, nature of business(industry, product or service) and the legal status of your company, such as: sole ownership, partnership,or corporation. So, your Final Project Paper will focus on BUS 122-course objectives. These objectives include a globalperspective on international trade (both imports and exports) , impact of financial markets (export credit),and international product marketing strategies. Hopefully, your final Paper may serve as a prototype ortemplate for the purposes of your future “real-life” planning, analysis, design, implementation and use ofinternational business projects
Using Holbrook and La Raja’s chapter, “Parties and Elections,” discuss how competitive the political parties are in Florida.
Write a Thesis: People who have sexually assaulted another being should receive more than just a prison sentence because it causes victims to struggle with mental health issues such as PTSD and anxiety, they begin to lose self control, and it can lead to them committing suicide.
List and explain 5 strategies to reduce this possibility.
Write a cultural reflection(Influence of Religion, Education, and Holidays on Culture of My Persian Community)
What ailment is Madeleine suffering from, according to Roderick?
Describe the ideal customer (age, income, profession, marital status, hobbies, interests, and gender)
How does FDR believe the programs mentioned will help the US economy?
Explain how the Union or Confederacy could have won a battle in which they lost.
Discuss the effectiveness of particular negotiation styles in real estate negotiation
How are BOTH texts important to the study of Gothic literature?


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